How to parent our kids with true love? How to see them on a different level and how to prevent ourselves from becoming dysfunctional parents? How to raise them into loving adults, how to forgive them and teach them to forgive when needed?How to stop being the authority and become the loving, caring parent you want to be?

These might be questions you want to know the answers. I wanted to know these answers for the benefit of my daughters and myself.

I had serious love-issues as a young adult, I had many narcissistic friendships and relationships, I was  not able to love myself, and so I invited all those into my life, who did the same. As a single parent I have become an authority figure for my kids, instead of being the loving, caring parent, and that felt awful. I wanted to give a different legacy to my daughters, and I have found a way to do it.

Through my journey I have discovered my love for myself with my unique self-healing method I-MOM, I learnt to love and accept myself and those people who treated me poorly. I could forgive them all.

And with one step further, I have found my love for God, and with this help I could learn to love and accept everyone and everything on this earth, and I feel real, spiritual, divine love.

When it comes to parenting we have to realize the fact that we are building the egos of our children at this very moment. We are the greatest influence of our children, if they will love and accept themselves, will be able to feel real love, or will feel egoistical love. We are placing down the foundation of their relationship to themselves, and through that relationship, their relationships to others.

This feels pretty threatening to realize, but instead of panicking, let’s see what we can do to avoid to become authority.

When the parent is the authority, he raises the kids in an egoistical way. The base of the parenting is not the needs of the kids, but the needs of the ego of the parent. The kids have to fit into the box the parent’s ego has designed, and if its a box, it’s not something that gives freedom to discover and learn who they are.

When the parent is not an authority, then he becomes the spiritual leader of the children, who guides them and treats them as spirits. And we have arrived to the topic.

We are all spirits and our spirit-father is God. We are all his children, and this means that we are all brothers and sisters. We are a huge family, the family of God. This is oneness that we are all connected, all related to each other.

Our parents are our earthly babysitters to whom we have been born. They take care of us here on earth, and they are able to decide if they guide us on this spiritual way, or they put us on another path, controlled by their egos. This second one means that they Edge God Out (by Wayne Dyer) because they THINK they can do it better than God. We should never judge anyone who chooses this egoistical way of parenting, as God would never do that either. Even if they were our parents. We can never know why and how they lost their connection to God, and if God would never criticize them for that, our egos shouldn’t do it either. This is our chance to become connected to our spiritual self, and stay connected to God.

Our parents are spirits either, they are the children of God. If they could stay connected to this spirit family, to their spirit-father God, they have true, spiritual love in their bodies. And in this case they will raise their kids as loving parents and not as parental authority.

God loves all his children, and forgives them. He is not an authority, he doesn’t punish, intimidate, criticize, test or try anyone. So when a parent acts like this, it means that he is connected to his spirit-father, he has spiritual love in his body, and that is what he transmits to his kids.

When a parent is no longer in touch with his spirit-father, he starts punishing, intimidating, criticizing, testing and trying his kids. These are the dysfunctional parents, and the tools of dysfunctional parenting.

Let me show you my video now, how I parent my kids in a spiritual way.



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