Forgiveness is a widely discussed topic, and today I’m raising the stakes high, on spiritual level. There are some facts that I want to show you before I begin.

ONE: everything that changes is not real – this means that anything that can be changed, deformed, lost or destroyed is an illusion, including your body, your house, your job and yes, your life. Only your spirit is real, that never changes.

TWO: we are not humans having a spiritual experience, but spirits having a human experience – when we die, our spirit travels to another realm and takes another container, another form. We are spirits, all of us.

THREE: God is love – and not an authority, as many people, religions and churches claim that. God can give only love, because that’s what God is. God will not punish or intimidate you, will not try or test you. God will love you.

FOUR: you can be spiritual without being religious – God lives in you, when you feel real love. Every time when you feel love, your spirit creates a link to God, you are connected. To feel love, you don’t need to be the member of a church, go to a house called a temple and listen to other people’s preaching on how to live to please God. God is love, he doesn’t want to be pleased, he wants to be trusted in. And that’s your decision. If you are able to feel love, you are connected to God, without others telling you that.

FIVE: your ego is born with your body and dies with your body – your ego is the collection of your human experiences that were formed and shaped by your caretakers, parents. Later the ego reaches to these experiences and tries to manipulate, control or threaten you, in order to keep you on the path on which you had been placed as a kid. The ego is not love, it’s a collection of experiences which keep you in the comfort zone of your ego.

7 rules I keep in mind when forgiving

SIX: your ego is against your spirit – your ego tries to keep you in its comfort zone, which does not contain emotions. So love is not included. Love is the connection to God, that lifts your spirit. That’s out of the comfort zone of your ego, it will try to make you doubt in God. If it succeeds, you will feel egoistic love instead of spiritual love.

SEVEN: spiritual love is when you love who you are, egoistic love is when you love who you think you are. When you love yourself with spiritual love, you love your own spirit, you love who you are, you see beyond the body, and love your spirit. When you love yourself with egoistic love, then (they will call you a narcissist) you love what you see – or just the opposite, you hate what you see – the body.

How do you know that you love yourself with spiritual love or egoistic love? 

Do you often complain about your body? Have you tried a lot of diets and sports? Do you see the bodies of the other people, or you focus on what they say, who they are? Do you judge others by their appearance? Do you know it better how others should dress up and wear themselves?

If you focus on the outlook more than on the content, you focus on the human container: the body! And you fail to se what’s beyond the body, the spirit.

So let’s forgive on a spiritual level! I have made this video for you to understand how to switch your focus from the body to the spirit, and forgive the other person knowing that he is acting on ego, and not on spirit.


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