I have been preparing to write this last post on this site since a time. It has been circulating under the surface since a time, and now I have a strong inner wish to put a final end to this story.

My ideas and thoughts on narcissism haven’t changed. I still believe that if you have a narcissist in your life, it means that the primary narcissist is sitting inside of you, you are the narcissist itself, and you project this into your reality. The main thesis hasn’t changed.

What changed is me and my perception.

The nature of my last posts show me the true and clear reason how and why I ended up where I am today, and as I look back, I clearly see the straight way that has lead me here.

I no longer want to teach people how to get out of their narcissistic lives, and I no longer want to tell them what to think and how to act. I do not want to get into other people’s minds and lives by suggesting them what they do wrong.

I want to dedicate my life to help people remember who they are, how right and perfect, innocent and faultless they are, even if they see a different world around them.

I do not want to approach life through narcissism, but through love and remembering.

I leave this site open for those who find it, and find it helpful in their lives. I hope that my ideas give you only a stepping stone to reach a better life, and you arrive to a place where you find your inner peace, like I have done it.

I am not going to write more posts here, however 94 posts are ready to help you answer your questions in so far as you are in need these answers. But let me remind you, these posts do not give you the final answer to your final question! But these might lead you there. You have to know, you will know if you ask the final question, and I’m 100% sure you will receive the answer!


God bless you all!



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