Disney ‘Tangled’ Narcissistic Analysis

Disney 'Tangled' Narcissistic Analysis

narcissistic motherNarcissistic mother: presents the figure of the narcissistic mother, with her tools and behavior. Gothel is not only narcissistic, but also a psychopath, who kidnaps a baby and kills a man. Her extremely self-centered, reckless and cruel behavior reveals almost all narcissistic tools a person can use, in this way she is not a classical narcissistic figure, but more than that.

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narcissistic partnerNarcissistic partner: the figure of Flynn gives the taste of the classical narcissistic partner, who is charming on the outside, but harming inside. He represents that kind of real-life man (or woman) who does not hurt physically, but his manipulations and egoistic misleading behavior brings the victim from comfort to deep emotional pain. He uses the tools of the classical narcissistic partner, and all the way through, he remains charming.

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narcissistic abuseGrowing up to be the victim: the relationship between Gothel and Rapunzel shows harsh examples of the dynamic cycle in a narcissistic family, they are - fortunately - highly exaggerated. However, through their relationship the reader can get a vivid view of the process, how the narcissistic mother turns her daughter into the victim of other people. She does that by shredding her daughter's confidence and trust in herself, and by demolishing her personality and replacing it with a strong codependent bond to her mother, and later to others.

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(The song and the pictures from the "Tangled" animated movie used in this analysis are property of Walt Disney Animation Studios and Walt Disney Pictures and are used for educational purposes (fair use and no commercial gain intended).)
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