A Question Before You Read On

Imagine that you break up with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you feel devastated. Are you going to listen to Torn from Natalia Imbruglia, or maybe Nothing Compares to You from Sinead O' Connor?

Do you want to live your pain to the bones by torturing yourself even more with songs like this? Of course, Happy from Pharrell Williams is not always an option, but the big question is: do you torture or nurture yourself in painful situations?

If the answer is the former, you have an awful relationship to yourself. You wear yourself out emotionally to the maximum and in this case this is what you teach people. They will torture you either.

Self orientation is about learning to nurture yourself instead of torturing yourself. It is the art of knowing to have choices and making them in your own favor, and not at you expense. What you have inside is what you have on the outside. Nurture or torture, it's up to you!


Let me welcome you on my site, which is dedicated to a new way of self-healing and the art of self orientation. I would like to introduce you to my own healing method that I created after having been involved in several narcissistic/abusive relationships and friendships, and with which I successfully recovered from my childhood wounds and limitations. It is absolutely free and available for everybody, and it requires no further help, so you will not make another codependent relationship with your therapist. Once you master the method, you can use it forever, if necessary.

This site is for you if you frequently ask the following questions:
  • why am I always unsatisfied?
  • why do I always end up in abusive relationships?
  • why do I wear myself out for others but get nothing back?
  • why do I feel to be used by others?
  • why do I always run in the same circles?
  • why can't I find my happiness?
  • why am I so restless and stressful?
  • why do I constantly feel that something is missing from my life?
  • why do I feel to be secondary?
  • why am I afraid to be single?
  • why do I try to help myself but I do not succeed?
  • why do I feel that I live someone else's life?
If you are looking for the answers of these questions, let me give you a helping hand. My method needs only you, your true desire to be the boss in your own life, and your imagination. If you have all these, you have everything to get the lead back over your life. The absolute aim of the site is to heal past emotional wounds and to focus on selfdefinition and selforientation. With strong selfdefinition and selforientation you will know who you are, you will follow your own path, and you will own your life.

These pages are not only about narcissistic abuse and recovery from narcissistic abuse, although those who struggle with the questions listed above, have strong tendency to abuse themselves. After being involved in a narcissistic relationship everybody has the great chance to make the big change of her life. Being the victim of a narcissistic relationship is an impressive signal that choices and changes are necessary, people need to orientate themselves into new directions. Not making a choice is a choice too.